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Counselling & Coaching
Starting with your first session...
you will probably find it much easier than you think to talk about what has been bothering you. Gaining insights and learning techniques can lead to a more positive future
Counselling in EDINBURGH or North Berwick, East Lothian for stress, panic and anxiety, social anxiety,anger, bereavement, low confidence, difficulties at work or home
For Personal Development
& all kinds of Stress or Anxiety
(in Edinburgh or Aberdeen, Glasgow and North Berwick)
Life Coaching combined with counselling can help you find a way of getting to where you want to go to and helping you to find your way forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Counselling, or couple counselling in Edinburgh is beneficial by allowing each person the space to find and express their inner voice and to share feelings in a conducive and safe environment with a professional who is unbiased and unrelated
(When you want couple counselling but your partner doesnt - click here)

The counselling I offer is for issues such as general or social anxiety, anger management, lack of motivation, family or work diffculties, difficult relationships, abuse, phobias, OCD, panic or panic disorder, PTSD, beareavement and grief, low self-esteem or low confidence, poor sleep patterns, low mood, worrying or thinking negatively to generally feeling unhappy but not sure why?

Specific 4 week programs available.  See Here
 life coaching and couples counselling in North Berwick, East Lothian,  Edinburgh and Glasgow for individuals, adolescents or couples, using CBT, and transpersonal integrative therapy or EMDR for trauma
"The way that I work  involves intuitively sensing, becoming aware & connecting with you in a heartfelt way"
Sessions are  Confidential and set to BACP ethical guidelines 

Glasgow, North Berwick or Edinburgh couple counselling or individual counselling in Aberdeen,

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