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Mindfulness Meditation can help you relax and let go of worries and negative thoughts 
Regular Mindfulness Meditations
(fully guided & small group)
This is one example of how to bring more calmness and positivity into your life.
Helpful for Learning how to Relax, in Body and Mind, as well as a stepping stone for personal awareness and personal development.
~ Learn how to 'let go' of negativity and  'let the sunshine in'
Rosemary's review -   
 "It's like a calm oasis in the middle of the hustle & bustle of the city. Every City like this needs this"
Rosemary, at the Edinburgh Meditation,  May 2015
Here Rosemary is trying out the 
'noise cancellation' headphones
The classes are open to anyone who thinks they may benefit, you just need to make contact
Edinburgh: Thursdays 1-2pm, Book in Advance (£10 per session)
Glasgow:    Fridays  (please enquire for times)  Book in Advance

NEW: Individual meditation sessions now available, suitable for all 

Check out the meditation class that Jen runs in the city centre.
Handy one hour sessions at lunch-time or after work. 
Long enough for you to experience a deep relaxation and meet other like minded friends.

*  Develop a better understanding of meditation
*  Learn how it is beneficial
*  Gentle practices, starting with how to relax
*  Explore your inner mind