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The Two Hour Pamper Treatment
Jen Tays has a two hour pamper treatment consisting of theta healing and reiki along with either Indian head massage IHM or kinetic chain release KCR
Your Choice from 2 or 3 of the following:

The whole of the body frame is brought into alignment with KCR, alleviating many conditions

Receive the loving energy of the calm healing power of reiki, wonderfully settling and relaxing

Theta Healing:
You can request & receive New Updated Beliefs and Attributes from the source energy of the Divine (or whatever you wish to call your spiritual source)

You can finish your head to toe unique pamper treatment with an Indian Head Massage.  Calming,Soothing and Relaxing, IHM is known as the ultimate stress & tension buster.
Create a whole new you with KCR, IHM, THETAhEALING, or Reiki in  the two hour pamper treatment package
 I will first discuss with you what your requirements are & then together we can create a totally New You,   Updated and Refreshed from the outside in