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 Theta Healing
 Meditative Guidance for the Truth Seeker
Theta healing is a meditation technique where the practitioner is guided by the superconsciousness for healing of a person using psychological and metaphysical tools Theta Healing Therapy  is therapy given in a meditative state by your practitioner, you simply relax, eyes open or closed, it doesn't matter.  It is a meditation technique that allows the practitioner to connect with  the essence of  the superconsciousness while working with you.
I have seen huge shifts while working with this modality
Beyond the Everyday:  While the practitioner is in theta mode (a meditative brainwave known as the theta brainwave) she is guided through the superconsciousness  towards the healing of the person, using psychological and metaphysical tools 
Psychological Intervention:The main function of this is to locate the core beliefs and other learned behaviours and attitudes that have arisen through traumas and /or difficult life events.  
The understanding is that everything around us is dynamically pulled towards our inner deep-seated cognitions. 
This can lead to causing us problems if the beliefs we are carrying around are no longer healthy or true
The main function of theta healing is to locate the core belief and challenge whether this is still true for the person., if it no longer applies, these beliefs can be changed instantly. 
Metaphysical Intervention: 
Upon request, through the practitioner, metaphysical type interventions of  more appropriate realisations are transferred and experienced by the client.  People sometimes feel completely different all in an instant.
Most times it takes only seconds or a few minutes for the clients to feel the new realisations within their being. Sometimes it will take 3 days or so for the mind to fully integrate before you feel the benefit.

Where to start:
You can receive thetahealng  in North Berwick, East Lothian, and online.   I am always amazed at how Theta Healing can quickly access what is going on with you on different levels, and can guide you in a heartfelt way towards the best possible outcome all round. 

When in theta, practitioners can quickly pick up on the root cause, the real issue, and the best avenue to start the therapy from, so you do not need to worry if you are not sure where to start.
Theta Healing with JenTays-Sierre is for your personal development and I have yet to come across an issue that this modality is not willing to cover.  Theta or theta healing, can empower  you to be the best you can be.   Any issue that is bothering you at all, we can  take into the theta mode and ask for guidance.

Jen Tays was a certified theta healer and instructor of Theta Healing in Edinburgh, Glasgow & North Berwick, East Lothian in 2012My name is Jen Tays-Sierre, my company name is Jen Tays, I am registered as both a counsellor /psychotherapist and a hypnotherapist.  I have been practicing the theta healing technique for nearly 10 years and I have found that it has cut through some major difficulties with some of my clients. It's not going to appeal to everyone as it is an unusual therapy and classed as a spiritual therapy, but if you do feel drawn to it, try it for yourself and give it a go and see how it could help you.   You can ask me for a FREE TEN MINS Demonstration.

Theta healing in Scotland and theta healers across the world see this 'source energy'* as being the ultimate life force of the whole of existence and beyond.  It has been described as infinite wisdom and perfect love, it seems to have  great compassion and the ability to help people with unusual difficulties, such as 'how to forgive' or how to 'understand where the other is coming from' (incredibly useful tool that. one!)

Every step is explained to you. As a theta healer I will check with you for every change before it is made. (Sometimes we need to tweak the wording, so the understanding is in complete alignment)
Your practitioner will assist you in finding the life lesson that the universe has presented to you, and will help you with making the changes that arise from your new insights and understanding.
If you are unable to attend sessions in person, I have found it just as effective  to receive Theta Healing online, by telephone or via ZOOM or WhatsApp video. Either way, if you are drawn to a healing session using theta (one session is perfectly feasible, 1-3 usually taken) please make contact HERE


You can learn ThetaHealing in Scotland with Jentays.co.uk

  Jen is a theta healing instructor and has been taught directly by Vianna Stibal in Idaho. 
Jen presently offers theta healing on request to people who are drawn to this modality.
it can be very quick and it does reach parts that other therapies do not reach, I believe this to be true.
Often I ask in theta for best modality to work with a client, as sometimes this suggests another form of therapy such as Emdr or hypnotherapy to me and its good to get advice from what I feel is 'supreme intellect', in the most loving and caring way  

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